Note: This is not a new trailer, but an extended trailer.

Ah, that dreaded black cloud known as the remake/re-imagining. It hovers, eliciting a neverending sense of ire in the moviegoing public. Yes, some of the backlash comes from nothing more than passionate fandom. But it also comes from how these projects come to be. Studios grab them willy nilly with nothing but dollar signs flashing in the eyes. Projects hit that could never even dream of being even half as good as the original. And many just don't seem to get it -- preferring to keep the name and ravage both the story and the spirit of the original, rather than just using it as a jumping point for inspiration.

And while it may be a bit premature, the trailers for Alice Wonderland have a definite sense of getting it. A new trailer aired during the Scream Awards (check it out after the jump), and while it's really Mad Hatter-centric again (I want more of the Queens!), it's got the feel of the subject. Sure, we've all got our favorite Alice incarnations and ideas on how it should be, but Tim Burton seems to have a definite sense of how to evoke the same whimsical feel within his vision. It's not copycat, nor wildly diverging from what we're used to.

The FX flow beautifully, that sense of fun is in every scene, and within the first few moments, I actually started imagining some of my favorite mystical films getting a similar treatment. I would never want Labyrinth without Jim Henson and David Bowie, yet I can't help but imagine the film updated with today's technology. This is what these films should do -- warm you to the idea because they're good -- because they understand their subject and know how to invoke the same passion.

Has Burton charmed you with his vision?