There's only a few days left until Halloween, and your supply of DVDs might be running a little low. But SlashControl has a few classic horror films up to entertain you on these final, spooky nights, like the original House on Haunted Hill. If all you've ever seen is the 1999 remake, then you owe it to yourself to spend a night with some old school horror.

Modern viewers won't find Haunted Hill very scary, although I challenge you to watch the opening in the dark, alone, while wearing a pair of headphones. If you don't find the screams and moans a little unsettling in your isolated state, you have nerves of steel. I commend you!

But the fun of this classic isn't in its scares (which are few even for 1959 standards), it's all in Vincent Price's performance. The sadistic, spiky interaction between him and his beautiful wife Annabelle remains funny long after the ghosts have left the scene. (The sour marriage is also the high point of the 1999 remake. No one does gleeful nastiness like Geoffery Rush.) Their bitter bon mots stress that the horror of this film isn't the skeletons and severed heads, it's the depths to which people sink for money.

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