It's time for Horror Bites -- your (semi) daily round-up of blood, guts, and torturous mayhem from around the web:

Director Daniel Myrick tells EW that he might return to the world of Blair Witch.

Luc Besson is working on a film where a young, female reporter battles all sorts of undead things and scary monsters, according to Arrow in the Head.

MTV has nabbed some new stills of the awesome Daybreakers.

Corbin Bernsen has told Fangoria that he wants to make a zombie sports flick.

Trent Haaga, the pen behind Deadgirl, will make his directorial debut with Chop -- so says Dread Central.

Bloody Disgusting reports that Malcolm McDowell has picked up his latest blood-filled gig -- a starring role in Two Wolves.

What would the masses have thought of Splash as a pustule-filled horror film? [via io9]

Variety reports that Comicbook writer Philip Gelatt will bring his home-invasion horror story Country Road K to the big screen.

Not all zombies speak English. Horror shares a trailer for the Chilean zombie flick Blind Dead.
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