Ah, synchronicity. Sometimes things just happen, and for actor William Atherton, today is one of those days. First he's recognized by Scott Weinberg in Cinematical's "Villains We Love" feature for his memorable performances as some of cinema's greatest pricks. Then, Erik Davis brought us the news today that Atherton is probably joining the cast of Lost.

Now, figures.com is showing off the first ever Walter Peck toy -- the officious douche Atherton played in the 1984 film Ghostbusters. The toy is part of Art Asylum's long-running Mini-Mates line, and the latest Ghostbuster assortment of Mini-Mates includes Atherton's Peck, Janine Melnitz (played in the film by Annie Potts), and Ghostbusters Egon and Winston, both covered in Stay Puft marshmallow fall-out. The figures (Series 3) will be released Spring of 2010.

Congratulations, William Atherton, on your very special surprise day!
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