Just last month, Warner Bros. decided to shelve the idea of a new Superman reboot, ending any recent chance to wipe Superman Returns from our heads. (Sorry fans, but aside from the shot to the eye, that flick was anything but cool.) Yet now I find myself wishing they'd reconsider, and it's all because of Smallville.

I'm not a fan of the series. I've watched a few eps, shrugged with an "eh," and couldn't even get tantalized by the inclusion of James Marsters, who singlehandedly gave Torchwood new life during its second season. But now... As you might have heard, Julian Sands recently signed on to play Jor-El, papa to Superman (or Kal-El as he was once called). And now there's a whole slew of stills from the Season 9 episode "Kandor" over at Daemon's TV.

It makes me want a new Superman. A LOT. I want Sands to be thrown on the big screen, and see a remake that intermingles great, but unexpected names with the usual mainstream box office flair. It would be such an easy way to add a lot of talent without breaking the bank with the biggest of big names. Sands as Jor-El... Definitely Jon Hamm as Supes. Fixing the ol' artist mistake and casting Philip Seymour Hoffman as a with-hair Lex Luthor. Or back to the lesser known, a bald Clancy Brown for Lex, riffing on the animated series. (Thanks to my geek king Michael Holmes for that one.) You could go obvious and beefy for Brainiac, or get all-out talent with, say, Hugh Laurie? And to wipe the abysmal Lois Lane casting, I say Vera Farmiga would be killer alongside Jon Hamm.

And with that, I'm dying for a remake. Would you buy it with some heavier and older talent, and who would you cast?
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