Some super-fan made a crazy audio/video remix of scenes and sounds from Pulp Fiction that you have to check out. It's so good that it could be confused with an underground techno mash-up. The remix uses multiple split-screens with the sounds from the scenes remixed to a beat, like Jules's delicious shake, Butch's getaway, Jimmie Dimmick slapping soap into Jules's hand, Zed slapping the Gimp's head and shushing his victims, and Marsellus Wallace grunting behind a ballgag.

The detail on this is impressive, especially the remixing of the different scenes. The person's YouTube channel is otherwise made up of music performances, so I'm very curious if there's a collaborator involved or what. There's a lot of Pulp Fiction mashups on YouTube that pale in comparison, although this one is pretty cool. The music mashup culture is a fascinating one; it seems more underground than the video mashups, probably because of how easy it is to share things via YouTube and perhaps how much more litigious the music industry is. Personally, I love music mashup artists like A Plus D and think that creating new forms of art through pre-existing work, like the source files offered by Sita Sings the Blues creator Nina Paley, will become more acceptable as artists realize the potential of sharing their work.

Then again... everyone's got bills to pay.

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