Just when you thought you couldn't anticipate the final season of Lost any more than you do now comes word that one of the greatest prick-ish character actors of all time has joined the cast in some capacity. Yes, folks, the great William Atherton has signed up for a part ... if Carlton Cuse's Twitter is to be believed. The Lost writer and executive producer recently tweeted the following cryptic message:

"Damon and I are die hard fans of this impeckable actor who keeps the barr high and just signed to guest star on the show. Life is good!"

So, yeah, not too hard to figure out. Atherton starred in both Die Hard and Die Hard 2, played Walter Peck in Ghostbusters and a character named Dr. Barr on Desperate Housewives. Part of me loves how these Lost-ies can't make an announcement without it being some sort of riddle or cryptic message, while the other part just wants them to come right out and say it sometimes. Well, regardless, this is a very cool addition to the series, and I truly hope they have him playing some slimeball because that's where Atherton has always shined. Fingers crossed. The final season premieres in January.

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