While we await the next full-length Avatar trailer (a similar international version is up over at SciFi Squad for those interested), a new four-minute behind-the-scenes featurette has found its way online. Basically this takes you through the film's backstory, featuring interviews with James Cameron and the cast mixed with scenes from the film. Yes, it's your basic featurette, but since we're all dying to see as much as we can of this film before it hits theaters on December 18, it's stuff like this that should hold you over.

The brand new domestic Avatar trailer will arrive online later today at about 1pm EST (10am PST), and at that time we'll let you know where you can go check it out in HD. After all, if we can't be watching these trailers and featurettes on the big screen, the next best thing is HD (and, in my opinion, we really shouldn't judge the film until then). I still have concerns about the story, though, which just seems full of cliches and stuff we've seen countless times before, but I'm personally more excited for the visual experience than I am for any story. Cameron has been talking up the 3D technology in his film for a long time now, and so that's what we should all be looking forward to -- a kickass, monumental moviegoing experience. Until then, everything else is just a tasty little appetizer.

Watch the featurette after the jump.