As production gears up for Guy Ritchie's live-action version of DC Comics' Lobo, Comics2Film went to their sources for a casting scoop. The name that keeps coming up behind closed doors? Character actor Clancy Brown (Highlander, The Shawshank Redemption).

This fits in with their idea of approaching Lobo like Guillermo Del Toro did with the live-action Hellboy. If the actor is barely recognizable under heavy make-up and prosthetics, then you don't need a superstar -- you just need someone who can play the part. Clancy Brown can definitely play the part.

The Lobo comics are hyper-violent sci-fi comedies about an aggressively rude spacefaring mercenary. The upcoming movie finds Lobo landing on Earth in pursuit of fugitives, and dragging a human girl along with him to help him to acclimate to Earth. Clancy is no stranger to the DC Universe, having provided the distinctive voice of Lex Luthor to a large number of WB animated projects. Lobo is set to begin production in 2010.
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