There are times when our fandom gets satiated. We see a world stretch out before us on the big screen, come to adore a character, and then get to follow him or her through a number of films. In some cases, they might even start to feel like an old friend, popping up over and over again. We'll become attuned to their swagger, the tone of their voice, the moments they love or loathe. Other characters, their presence in our lives is deliciously, yet painfully brief -- destined only for repeat viewings of the same scenes, the same reactions, the same outcome over and over again.

The more our movie world leans towards sequels, the more part of me wishes certain characters could have continuing life on the big screen. (Played by the same actor, of course. No Vince Vaughn/Norman Bates recasts allowed.) On the mind from earlier this month, I wouldn't complain if Lena Olin's sadistic Mona popped back up again... If Myrna Loy's Nora Charles popped up in just about every film there is. If we could see Danny Huston's Arthur Burns menace the old Outback once again. If Frances McDormand got to spend more time as a sexy music gal. If a Sirius Black-centric film focused on Gary Oldman. And while Christopher Walken always gets the tough mob-ish roles, how nice it would be to have seen more deer-hunting Nick, or bomb shelter-loving Calvin.

In a perfect cinematic world, where rewrites and crappy stories aren't an issue (they're a whole different can of worms) -- which characters do you wish you could see over and over again? It might be for your own particular quirks, a spot-on performance, or even the breath of relief that an actor is getting to do something they almost never get a chance to do. Let us know in the comments ...
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