Not long ago we told you about a little contest in which Fox Searchlight and Gen Art were bringing filmmakers and designers together to see which team could produce the best How-To video with the theme being Fantastic Mr. Fox costumes, based on the Wes Anderson movie due out next month. The idea behind it was that aspiring designers would submit costume designs, while aspiring filmmakers turned in treatments. From there a team of judges narrowed it down, chose the winning designs, and filmmakers were then given a small budget to go produce mini How-To videos/short films based on the costume design.

Some time has passed now, and Fox Searchlight has chosen four finalists. You can watch the four finalists over at the Searchlight site now (and my personal favorite after the jump), but Gen Art has also posted director's cut videos for two of the finalists, as well as a runner-up video over on their site. (I recommend watching the Ash Fox extended cut because it's full of Wes Anderson references and just a tad insane.)

If anything these videos will show you how to pull together a Fantastic Mr. Fox Halloween costume at the last minute on the cheap. As far as the actual film goes, that will arrive in theaters on November 13th.