smallville tom wellingSmallville, aka "the show that won't die," might be headed for a tenth season, says producer Kelly Souders. I wrote about this news today at TV Squad, and I asked fans what they would want to see from a possible tenth season of the super hero series.

I'd love to see Michael Rosenbaum return to make Clark's life a living hell. Or maybe we could get a real story arc for Brian Austin Green's Metallo. I'd definitely welcome more episodes penned by comic book writer Geoff Johns, who wrote last season's memorable "Legion" episode and will return for this year's Justice Society ep.

Where do you want to see the show go? Should it continue? Has Smallville worn out its welcome after more than eight years? Are you excited about Julian Sands turn as Clark's father, Jor-El? Let us know.

[Via: EW]
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