UPDATE: The new domestic trailer is now live over at Yahoo.

The brand new Avatar trailer is set to arrive online today at 1pm EST (10am PST), but in the meantime the longer (and very similar) international trailer has found its way online. There are subtitles that kinda get in the way, and the transfer isn't all too great, so don't judge the movie based on the visuals you see here. I'd wait to watch the domestic trailer in HD before you start comparing James Cameron's blue aliens to larger Smurfs.

This trailer definitely gives us a better feel for the story -- walking us through, holding our hands as it goes over the main plot points. Guy gets to travel to distant planet to help humans obtain resources from aliens. Guy explores planet as blue alien via Avatar suit thingy. Guy meets real female alien and falls in love. Guy then turns on the people he's working for in order to protect those he's come to care for. Pretty basic stuff, and definitely a storyline we've seen countless times before. But we're here for Cameron's vision, and his promise that this film will visually blow our minds to the point where we'll all want to marry and have, like, ten thousand babies with 3D technology. Will he be right? Is this the film that will "change everything"?

Check out the international trailer after the jump, then come back in a little while and we'll update this post when the full trailer arrives online.
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