It's no secret that James Cameron'sAvatar has been fighting an up-hill battle for years. Film geeks, particularly those who spend most of their time online, are a tough crowd to uniformly please, so early buzz on the film was as much an excitement accelerator as it was a dare to dislike. When the first trailer for the film was at long last unveiled back in August, it was met with incredulous, befuddled cries of "Is that it?"

If, like myself, you were disappointed with that first teaser, and if, like myself, you avoided Avatar Day and any subsequent new marketing tactics outside of the normal trailer build up, then maybe this new, full trailer for Cameron's return to science fiction will be the first time you set aside your cynicism and think "Alright, I get what all the fuss is about now." This second trailer is nearly identical to the international trailer that has been making the online rounds lately, except there's one huge difference: this isn't a blurry hint of things to come. Yahoo has the debut, and we all know that means a crystal-clear, HD if-you-want-it look at the alien world of Pandora.

Unlike the first trailer, there's no teasing going on here; this is an exposition-heavy tour of the film's plot, characters, and, most importantly, alien Na'vi. Not only do we have more than one line of dialog now, but we're given context-relevant glimpses at what will, I no longer doubt, be the must-see spectacle film of 2009.

Click on over to Yahoo and check it out. If this expanded foray into jungle battles doesn't get you pumped for December 18th, I don't think anything will.