As a lover of all things undead, I've been following the development of Keberos Studios' downloadable action/RPG-lite game Fort Zombiefor the past few months (I first caught wind of it at April's Penny Arcade Expo). Now, after countless press releases, YouTube videos, and message board discussions comes news that the game will be available for purchase on the PC through all of the major digital download channels (and at the low price of $9.99) on October 30th.

In celebration of the game's release, the developers have unveiled a new YouTube trailer highlighting not only some of the gameplay elements players can expect , but also a whole lot of some cheesy rock song that figures to be featured in the experience somewhere. Everyone's first reaction to the trailer seems to be "OMG! The graphics are hideous!"--and while they aren't exactly breathtaking, let's all remember two things: Graphics don't make the game and this is a title being sold for $9.99. Don't go into it expecting Gears of War 2's level of visual opulence...

Fort Zombie is being billed as a hybrid action RPG mixed with real-time strategy elements. It's sort of like High Noon meets Dawn of the Dead crossed with a castle defense game as far as I can tell. Players are trapped in a small town and must forage for materials and survivors in order to fortify their fortress before an army of the undead from a larger city invade.

Check out the official Fort Zombie website for more screens and info and be sure to jump past the break for the new trailer.
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