In the glorious, not-too-distant future, your cinema screen will soon play host to a legion of rippling abs, biceps glistening with oil, and pelvic thrusts set to a synthesized beat. No, it's not the sequel to 300. It's the rags-to-crazy tale of Steve Banerjee, the creator of Chippendales. According to Variety, Banerjee's strange and violent tale is set become a biopic directed by Tony Scott, with a screenplay by Lisa Schrager.

Banerjee's story is one of success, excess, paranoia, and murder. He emigrated to the U.S. from India, and operated a humble Mobile gas station. But he decided that flesh sold better than gas, and bought a failing L.A. club named the Destiny II. He initially traded in female strippers and mud wrestling before realizing that women liked to tuck dollar bills into a well-fit pair of briefs. With some help from Las Vegas musical veterans Steve Merrit and Mark Donnelly, Banerjee created Chippendales. All those gleaming torsos made him very wealthy, but it also made him paranoid. Banerjee began putting contract hits out on those "threatening" his franchise. Former business partner (and Chippendales dancer / choreographer) Nick DeNoia was murdered on Banerjee's orders, others dodged the bullet due to a well-placed FBI informant. Arrested and charged with attempted arson, racketeering, and murder for hire, he never made it to trial due to committing suicide.

Though you might expect this to be shot as flashily as Domino, Scott reportedly intends to return to his True Romance restraint. While that's a blessing, I hope he allows one or two moments of yellow-drenched and sweaty insanity at the end. If there's any movie begging for a bit of painful visuals, it's this one.
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