I'm not entirely sure what this animated Klingon propaganda video is intended to promote, and neither does TrekMovie.com. They've apparently got a crack team of Klingon translators over there, because their eagle-eyes noticed a url (written in Klingon) within the video. Impressive, guys.

That link leads you to tlhingan.org, a website with a decidedly Klingon interface. There's one kernel of information on the site -- it's apparently from Mark Farinas' Bad Monkey Studios, a group of animators based in San Francisco (the home of Starfleet, natch). There's been some online speculation that the video is part of a viral campaign for the upcoming Star Trek Online video game, but there's been no confirmation from the game's developers, Cryptic.

Whether or not it's connected to an official Star Trek project or is just a piece of loving fanimation, it's a very fun little vid. Check it out after the jump.
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