Most people are aware of Corbin Bernsen primarily through the Major League films where he played Roger Dorn, the pretty-boy third baseman who shanked a grounder to protect his face. What most people don't know is that Bernsen is also a horror fan, starring as the titular character in the Brian Yuzna-directed The Dentist and its sequel, as well as an episode of Masters of Horror. After several stints in made-for-TV movies and television shows, he directed, produced and appeared in the zombie flick Dead Air, which bears a few striking similarities with the excellent Canadian thriller Pontypool.

Now, according to Fangoria, Bernsen is back in the horrorsphere with another project, this time combining zombies with America's favortie pastime. Called Three Strikes, You're Dead, Bersen says his idea stems from both attending conventions, where he met fans who loved both horror and the Major League films, and pure, unbridled revenge over not being asked to reprise his role as Dorn in Major League 4.

The plot of the film, which I must admit sounds absolutely hilarious, comes straight from the horse's mouth:

"It's set about 30 years in the future in Pittsburgh-a little tribute to George Romero and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The undead have been managed a little bit through drug therapy, and created their own sports leagues and rock bands and things like that. As baseball is starting to slump, those who run the sport decide to have a playoff of the World Series champions against the Zombie League champions. And of course, you know how fans are when they get crazy, so..."
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