Welcome back to another installment of Insert Caption -- the game that spent the past 36 hours staring at goats only to walk away with nothing but a migraine and a funky odor on its clothing. (Oh yes, games wear clothes -- you didn't know?) Last week we asked you to get in touch with your Cagey side and spit out a caption for a photo from Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, starring Nicolas Cage as the kind of guy you really don't want to have to buy Christmas gifts for. Congrats to our three winners for their inspired (and hilarious) captions!

1. "I had the boys mock up the poster to our next movie. I call it "Dress/ Off". -- Remy W.

2. "I know that it sounds romantic and all, but I'm not going to fight that bear for you." - Daniel M.

3. "Just don't let that leopard eat me, honey!!!" -- Joe P.

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This week we're joining George Clooney in a goat staring contest as he throws on his strange dude hat for a role inThe Men Who Stare at Goats, which brings its army full of paranormal military wackjobs to theaters on November 6th. The folks behind our three favorite captions this week will walk away with one The Men Who Stare at Goats book and one The Men Who Stare at Goats T-shirt. (Hint: If you stare at the below photo long enough, you may come up with the winning caption.) Sound off below ...

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