When the first trailer for Shutter Island hit, I believe the universal response was "Holy Crap, Martin Scorsese made a horror movie!" Sure, it had been known beforehand that his latest re-teaming with The Departed star Leonardo DiCaprio was going to be a thriller, but I don't think many (including those who have read the book) were expecting his 'cops investigate wrong-doings at a mental institute' film to look like a stylized, cold-blooded, psychological chiller. Though, in retrospect, if anyone had access to this list for Scorsese's "11 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time", that prediction would have been a lot easier to make.

The Daily Beast has the full run down of Scorsese's picks, so I'll not copy and paste it here, but I would like to point out some interesting observations. First, his youngest selection, The Entity, was made in 1981, which begs the question as to what the director thinks of today's crop of horror movies; I'm guessing not a whole lot considering he's already excluded the mid-80s sweet spot of horror.

Second, more than half of his hat tips are to black-and-white films, which makes me wonder how differently Shutter Island might have looked without its meticulous color palette. Third, the majority of his picks revolve around fear of loss and isolationist settings, which are two favorite elements of mine that now have me jonesing for Shutter Island even harder than before.

Click over to The Daily Beast to see the complete selections, including scenes from all of them. And, of course, feel free to bemoan below about Martin Scorsese not giving any love toTroll 2.
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