Echoing the sentiments of fellow Horror Squadder Peter Hall, the amount of attention Paranormal Activity has been, for lack of a better phrase, off the chain. Even I'm getting a little burnt out on the constant coverage of the film, despite having seen it three times and considering it one of the most important horror films in the past decade (for a variety of reasons).

On the heels of the film's release in foreign markets - it opens on Halloween night in the United Kingdom and will premiere steadily in other major markets over the course of the next month or two (the full roll-out schedule is below) - Variety is reporting that several countries, including Spain, Russia and a slew of Asian territories - have begun to snag licensing rights to remake the film in their native tongue.

Paramount currently holds the rights to a stateside remake, though much of the interest seems to be not in the foreign language remakes, but whether or not the film can break the $100 million mark by going international. Stuart Ford, who heads IM Global, the company responsible for licensing the worldwide distribution rights to Paranormal Activity, had this to say concerning the film's international appeal:
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