While Terrance Zdunich has worked behind the scene on everything from "The Starship Troopers Chronicles" to Into The Wild, he really became a phenomenon unto himself in the last two years, when his collaboration with director Darren Lynn Bousman, Repo: The Genetic Opera, made its slow but inevitable move to the silver screen. Not merely helping conceive and design the film but functioning as one of its primary performers – playing the mysterious, ubiquitous Graverobber – Zdunich proved himself a versatile artist whose canvas lies in more than one medium.

Since the release of Repo last year, Zdunich hasn't slowed down, even though the trek from its original stage show – which we put on as a one-man performance – to a feature film was arduous to say the very least. But with the army of Repo followers growing by the day, Zdunich recognized the value – if not the importance – of continuing to create new properties and opportunities for fans to experience his uniquely creative world view. As such, he has created The Molting, a 12-part series that is every bit as odd and intriguing as its predecessor. The first installment, "Guilty Susie," is available now, and it sets the stage for an epic saga about a dysfunctional American family whose lineage traverses and interconnects with the entirety of human history. (Or at least that's what it says on the book's website, anyway.)
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