Robert Pattinson is sporting a pretty interesting balance of cinematic gigs. On the one hand, he's the drool-producing heartthrob from Harry Potter and -- most especially -- Twilight. On the other hand, he's playing the awkward young man in films like The Bad Mother's Handbook and How to Be. It's not exactly the sort of superstar roster we're used to (especially once you add Dali into the mix!), and always makes me wonder what we can expect from the future.

But for now, just in time for the New Moon craze, his music flick How to Be will hit DVD shelves on November 17. In honor of the event, a clip from the film has hit the net, courtesy of Access Hollywood. (Check it out after the jump.) The video finds Robert's character psyching himself up for a performance in the mirror, before throwing the harmonica in his mouth and hitting the stage to sing a song called "I'm Doing Fine." If you're not used to his singing, this is not really an indication of his singing voice (go here to hear one of his actual songs). I'm guessing he's supposed to be playing a crappy singer?

In other Twilight news, Variety reports that the first vampy film will be rereleased in theaters for one night -- November 19 -- as a warm-up to New Moon. And lastly -- The Hollywood Reporter posts that Washington is opening up a family restaurant called Volterra to cater to the hordes of fans that descend upon the state. Does that mean a sea of wait-staff who must wear heavy white makeup and long red robes? Hired actors to sit as the Volturi members and randomly bite into customers when they're hungry? Let's hope the theme stays only with the name, or that might be a little much. Or, at the very least, a little too raunchy for the family crowd.