What happens when The Today Show attempts to film a Halloween-related segment with the hosts dressed as Star Wars characters and two random drunk midgets dressed as Ewoks? Well, you get two very drunk Ewoks stumbling around the set on live television, trying to hump trees, beat each other up, do the moonwalk and drink vodka. I absolutely love it when stuff like this happens on live television because it's so much fun to watch the sober hosts try to pretend like nothing is wrong, though you know very well that they'd love to bend down and strangle these Ewoks with all their strength.

The only one who seems mildly amused by the whole thing is Al Roker, who makes one or two comments about the fact that these tiny people got hammered prior to filming the segment. Either that or they're just really trying to stay in character. After all, if real Ewoks were on the set, wouldn't they be trying to mess with every little thing? Isn't that what they do ... cause trouble?

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