Ever since Where the Wild Things Are debuted that much buzzed-about trailer featuring a re-vamped version of Arcade Fire's "Wake Up", we've seen countless spoofs pop up across these internets, some of which were funnier than others. And while timing would suggest that we're pretty much finished spoofing that trailer (since the film has been in theaters for a couple weeks now), I still couldn't help but let out a Friday chuckle when our friends from Secret Sauce TV sent over their latest video: a spoof on the Wild Things trailer called Where the Dirty Hipsters Are.

These are the same folks behind the Hot Chicks in Black and White Flicksseries, as well as the My Little Pony: Reign of Buttercup Sprinkles video, and their latest replaces those lovable, huggable Wild Things with a group of dirty hipsters from Los Angeles. Poor Max in his cute, white animal outfit -- all he wants to do is throw mud and start a Wild Rumpus, but the Dirty Hipsters are too busy bumming smokes, compiling mix CDs featuring indie bands you've never heard of and going to see Fellini movies at the Art House.

It's probably a touch funnier if you're familiar with Los Angeles culture, but every city has their collection of hipsters and so I'm fairly certain you'll all "get" this in one way or another.

Watch the video after the jump.