No super-successful comedy series can stay away for long. Back in April, ShoWest brought news that the aliens were coming back for Men in Black 3. There was no word on which stars would return, or anything other than the faintest murmurings of a plan, but now things are coming together. THR'sRisky Biz Blog reports that Etan Cohen, the scribe behind Tropic Thunder, will pen the script while director of the first two, Barry Sonnenfeld, returns for the third bout.

With a script and director slotted into place, naturally, the next question revolves around Will Smith. As of now, the actor has no solid plans to return, but buzz says he is interested. As for Tommy Lee Jones -- his involvement is "uncertain." Smith has nothing pressing right now, so he's wide open (save from helping along his son's blossoming career), and Jones has only got two in-development features in his future.

At the very least, this is a whole heck of a lot more interesting than a Candy Land movie for Cohen. But the sequel's success will really depend on how much effort is put into the affair. While both raked in the cash, the first did a whole lot better than the second -- $589.3 v. $441.8. milllion, to be precise. It would be quite easy for this to fall another hundred down. What do you think it will take to make this project thrive and make back that $148 million loss?
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