I don't like cemeteries. I have always been cemetery averse. I figure that, eventually (hopefully, later than sooner), I will be spending enough time in one, so I do my best to stay out of them as much as possible while I am alive. But, it is Halloween, after all, so I decided to visit the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in...well, yes, Hollywood, at 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The 62-acre Hollywood Forever isn't your average cemetery. In fact, it is quite extraordinary and well-known. Hollywood Forever is the final curtain call to many incredibly famous people including Cecil B. DeMille, Fay Wray, Peter Lorre, Tyrone Power, and Rudolph Valentino. Additionally, both Mama Cass and George Harrison were cremated here. Films ('The Player') and television shows ('Dexter') have all shot on location on the cemetery's grounds. Bands (recently, Bon Iver played a show at sunrise) perform here. And, they even have yoga classes. Tomorrow night, they are showing 'Halloween'. In fact, all summer long, Hollywood Forever screens free films, outdoors, every Saturday night. They are very popular events in Los Angeles.