I'm exceedingly proud of the team we've put together here at HorrorSquad, so when I was trying to think of a fun feature to run on Halloween night, the answer was easy: Talk to the Squad members! Gathered below you'll find some thoughts, opinions, and memories from each of the H-Squadders, and believe me when I say these are some true-blue, old-school, no-bullshit horror fans.

And once you're done reading all the questions and answers, feel free to offer your own responses in the comments section. The horror fan community is a wonderfully inclusive one, and on behalf of the entire team, I'd like to thank all our readers for supporting us in these early stages of the Horror Squad's global domination. We'd also like to thank our colleagues at Fangoria, FEARnet, Dread Central, Shock, Twitch, The Arrow, and Bloody-D for being so cool to the new horror blog on the block. (Big love for smaller blogs like The Vault of Horror, Final Girl, and Day of the Woman as well!) And of course, much thanks is due to our friends at Cinematical and Moviefone, for without them we simply wouldn't be here right now.

And with that ... the Horror Squad speaks!!