In Bollywood, no filmmaker needs to worry about what studio owns the rights to what Marvel or DC character. Not even the boundaries between DC and Marvel have meaning, as evidenced by this delightful clip from India's Dariya Dil. Here, Superman shows off his dance moves on land and in the sky while courting Spider-Woman. Yep, Spider-Woman! Somewhere, Lois Lane is throwing a snit fit. It's hard enough to be secure knowing Wonder Woman is out there, but how can she compete with Jessica Drew's pheromones?

All joking aside, I think it's rather cool that at least one filmmaker in India decided Superman needed nothing less than a super woman as a costar (we still haven't done that here!), and that superheroines could use a nice afternoon in the sky. Can you imagine how hard it is for a superheroine to date a normal guy? He'd be threatened by her powers and fame, and jealous of her working relationship with the impossibly buff superheroes in her universe. This is probably the first date Spider-Woman has had in ages where she didn't have to play down her awesomeness.

This clip also demonstrates something else you'll never see in a stateside Marvel or DC adaptation: Song and Dance! India must not have a lot of supervillains running around, because these two are able to take time to learn some sexy steps. If you find yourself sniggering "How cheesy!", just remember that Lois Lane was supposed to sing to Superman in Richard Donner's Superman: The Movie. Every adaptation walks a fine line between The Dark Knight and Dariya Dil.

Go below the jump for the video. Thanks to Cory Casciato and Westword for highlighting it.