I'm embarrassed to admit that I still haven't played Dementium: The Ward--a first person survival horror game on the Nintendo DS from back in 2007. I own a copy of the title, but my gaming backlog is the stuff of legend (I have over 100 games still in shrinkwrap...), but several of my colleagues who did manage to play it tell me it's a lot of fun and doesn't suffer at all from the DS's hardware limitations.

Developers Renegade Kid have returned to the dark and twisted world of the original game for their follow-up, Dementium II. The game's first trailer debuted at this year's E3, but the developers have released a brand spankin' new clip on Youtube for Halloween just so we don't forget the game is out there.

The sequel finds players taking on the role of William Redmoor. You've just undergone some experimental brain surgery to cure you of your mental illness and you're recovering at an Bright Dawn Treatement Center for the criminally insane (never a good sign...).

Unfortunately, your period of convalescence isn't a smooth one--soon you're seeing demonic monsters everywhere, and if that weren't bad enough, your physician (known only as The Doctor) wants to perform extreme experimental surgeries on everyone in the center. Can you kill the demons and stop the doctor's nefarious plan? You'll have to wait til sometime in the first quarter of 2010 to find out.

The graphics look surprisingly good for a 3D Nintendo DS game, and early previews indicate that the sound component of the game adds a great deal to the experience. Fans of horror who like to take their games on the go will want to keep an eye on this one.

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