Designers for films like The Mist, Grindhouse, and The House of the Devil all understood the return to retro appeal when creating their posters. There's something extremely satisfying about them that harkens back to a day when your first peek at a film was often outside the movie theater--that larger than life poster staring back at you. The ominous (and sometimes amusing) taglines, the creepy typography and high contrast illustrations embroiled in battle are all reminiscent of a time when horror film posters were a lot more fun. Films that use this style are more tangible than their high gloss, airbrushed counterparts. In a world where everything is mass produced and executive directed, any evidence of an artist's hand is quite welcome. Artists who designed the posters for Ti West's The House of the Devil even went so far as to add creases to one of them, to make it appear as though it had been folded--the way a grizzled theater employee might do to stash it somewhere.

In honor of older sometimes being better, one designer has compiled a list of '50 Terrifying Retro Horror Movie Posters' for your viewing pleasure. Check out a few of my favorites after the jump. What are some of yours?
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