The last episode of Dead Wrong pitted myself against Horror Squad's Peter Hall in a no-holds barred debate over the merits of Neil Marshall's sophomore film and massive hit The Descent. This time around we're bringing in new squadder Brian Salisbury to debate Marshall's debut film, Dog Soldiers, a werewolf flick with bite.


Dog Soldiers is one of my favorite horror flicks. It's incredibly funny, delightfully gory and features one of the few representations of werewolves in horror that aren't either CGI or just outright ridiculous. For some reason Mr. Salisbury and I did not see eye-to-eye and as such, he served as the perfect individual upon which to foist my incessant, incoherent and sometimes contradictory ramblings.

Without further adieu, episode 4 of Dead Wrong! Here's your usual reminder to queue up the film at around the 00:00 mark and enjoy two horror nerds doing what they do best: bitching and moaning about movies.

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