Earlier today we told you how the rights to the Terminator franchise will be auctioned off by Halcyon (the company that currently owns them) because, well, they're going bankrupt and are currently -- how do they say -- um, up sh*ts creek without a paddle. And, sure, while studios like Sony are said to be interested in purchasing the rights with an eye on possibly re-booting the entire movie franchise, one sci-fi veteran has tossed his name into the hat, too: Joss Whedon. Oh yes, the fella behind Buffy, Firefly and Dollhouse (among others) has written an open letter to "the Terminator owners" offering up a whole bunch of money and some fantastic ideas.

From the letter (posted over at Deadline Hollywood):

2) More Glau. Hey. There's a reason they're called "Summer" movies.

3) Can you say... musical? Well don't. Even I know that's an awful idea.

4) Christian Bale's John Connor will get a throat lozenge. This will also help his Batwork (ten grand for that franchise too, btw.)

5) More porn. John Connor never told Kyle Reese this, but his main objective in going to the past was to get some. What if there's a lot of future-babies that have to be made? Cue wah-wah pedal guitar -- and dollar signs!

6) The movies will stop getting less cool.

Obviously this is a joke, but a damn funny one if I may say so myself. Read the entire letter after the jump, and then let's start a petition to get this franchise in Whedon's hands right away.
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