Call me a cynic, but I find this whole story highly suspect. Kenneth Johnson created, among other vintage hits like "The Bionic Woman", "The Incredible Hulk" and "Alien Nation", the original 1983 "V" mini-series about visitors from beyond the stars who integrate themselves into our world. Despite being the show's parent, Johnson did not retain the television rights to his series, which is why he has absolutely nothing to do with the ABC remake that will be making its debut on November 3rd, save for a "created by" credit.

However, Johnson does own the film rights to the "V" story, and according to Variety he is actively trying to create a theatrical version to compete against ABC's new offering. Now here is where my cynicism kicks in. Johnson tells Variety that, "If the show succeeds, it gives us an opportunity to go out with a one sheet that says, 'You like the show, now see the original classic reborn.' And if the show doesn't do well, we can always say, 'Here is the "V" you've been waiting for.' "

I admire his optimism, but both of those scenarios are hugely hypothetical to me. First off, sci-fi on TV has a woefully high infant mortality rate, so I'll be amazed if "V" is not only popular, but popular enough to entertain the grandiose fantasy of turning it into a summer blockbuster. And if it doesn't, I find it an even harder stretch to imagine that anyone would want to watch yet another attempt at the already-familiar material in a year's time; particularly so considering the amount of money and interest Johnson claims Hollywood already has for the in-theory film project:
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