It's essentially a given at this point that movies based on video games suck, but what about movies based on board games (you know--those ancient things your grandparents used to play that had plastic pieces on a folding piece of cardboard with non-moving images on it...yeah, the graphics in those games sucked...)? We'll all find out soon enough, as Platinum Dunes has now hired screenwriters for their upcoming project based on the Ouija Board.

You read that right, Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes wasn't merely content with ruining your childhood with mediocre remakes of classic horror movies--no, now they want to bring you a movie based on a board game/occult tool that has no characters or story attached to it. How do you make a movie out of a parlor game where players are supposedly speaking with dead spirits directly? I've no clue, but Tron Legacywriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz will have to figure it out since The Hollywood Reporter says they've been picked to handle the screenwriting duties.
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