I haven't had a chance to check out the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen DVD, so I'm not exactly sure where you find this particular hidden video (instructions are on YouTube), but apparently it does exist and in it Michael Bay talks about his plans for Transformers 3... though he does claim to be "lying" about it all, so who knows what's real and what's fake. In the video, Bay admits that it'd be tough to top the big-budgeted action from the second movie, so he thinks they have to go sideways instead of bigger by having less action and more emotion.

Bay says, "I think more has to be made of Bumblebee in the third one. That's a definite, because that's a relationship you want to explore more. And I think we're definitely going to get more into the robot characters. This movie got very big, very grand, and we covered a lot of ground. In the third one it doesn't have to be as big. We could go darker; it definitely has to be more emotional ... and it's not just going to be about action, action, action."

Watch the rest of the secret hidden Transformers 3 video after the jump. What do you want to see from Transformers 3? Would you be satisfied with less action and more emotional character nonsense?
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