I don't want to jump the gun here with hyperbole, but if someone turned College Humor's trailer for a fake Sims horror movie into a real horror movie, I would pay approximately all of the money in the world to see it. How does one turn a video game about micro-managing the lives of digital people into a horror movie you ask? Just watch below, I retort. Or if pictures in motion frighten you, I'll explain.

We've all played The Sims. Don't pretend like you haven't, because you have, even if it was only for two minutes on a friends computer and you totally didn't get what the big deal was. Further, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if you've played The Sims for more than a few hours, at some point you lost interest in one of your impossible-to-please Sims who kept pissing you off because nothing is ever good enough, so you built a wall around him and watched him die.

No? Was that just me? Oh, well that's kind of the premise of College Humor's fake trailer. A bunch of co-eds are enjoying a nice time in a luxurious house when all of a sudden an unseen force keeps changing things around them. Fences appear out of nowhere, couches are blocking doors, dirty dishes are piling up in the sink, and one of them is starting to feel like they're merely puppets in someone else's game of life.
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