Carriers is a film everyone should see but not many had the opportunity to. This solid thriller directed by Alex and David Pastor about a foursome fleeing a devastating virus that has wiped out much of the American landscape was completed in 2007 but not released until September of this year, and only in about one hundred theaters across the country.

As a result the film slipped under the radar of most despite garnering incredibly impressive reviews. One would think the film would experience a surge in popularity based upon this once it gets released on DVD, but even that's being delayed, as Shock Till You Drop reports that Paramount Home Entertainment will release the film for rent on December 8th, then make it available for purchase at a later date, presumably one month to six weeks later.

While this later release date really isn't that big of a deal, it's just another example of a solid horror film getting the shaft for no discernible reason. The process of getting Carriers out to the masses has been long and laborious, so why delay it? It's clearly a niche film that will only appeal to a select group of people, but those people will buy it, and they don't want to have to wait.
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