I decided to take a mini-vacation yesterday. I opted not for the relaxing beach, but for a way more touristy experience instead. I signed up for a celebrity homes tour with one of the hundreds of tour companies in Los Angeles. Celebrities are Hollywood's first and foremost priority. Their homes place second on the list. Homelessness places sixth after The Lakers, The Dodgers and fat-free french fries.

I took the subway to Hollywood and met up with my tour group outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. An adult ticket was supposed to cost $59. For some reason, the man from the tour company said that I could pay $30. That was closer to a child's ticket price. Wow, this California sun must truly be giving me a youthful glow.

I graciously accepted the discount and hopped aboard the van with 11 tourists who were from Denmark, France, Australia, New Jersey and Illinois. Our tour guide, George, asked us to yell out where we were from and then he would say something connected to the hometown. i.e. New Jersey -- Bon Jovi. When I said that I am from Toronto, George said, "Toronto, you have great hair. I'm groovin' on it." Either he knew nothing about Canada or he was really in love with my unruly mane. Either way, I was immediately smitten with George. I'm easy to please.
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