While he's one of the main men of superstardom, George Clooney also keeps one foot firmly in the world of quirk and strangeness. He may be Mr. Ocean, but he's also the dude who was in Return of the Killer Tomatoes and The Men Who Stare at Goats. Clooney knows how to be ridiculous, and now he's jumping into a whole new world of quirk.

Variety reports that the actor is in talks to star in the new Alexander Payne dramedy The Descendants. His first feature since Sideways, the film got cooking back in August and follows a rich landowner and father who decides to grab his two hard-to-handle daughters and search for his wife's lover in an attempt to keep his family together -- while she's in a coma after a catamaran accident. ...I still can't fathom the logic behind this one.

This is definitely one of those it's about time! collaborations. Clooney has skirted around the world of Payne with the likes of David O. Russell and Grant Heslov, while Payne grabbed the likes of Matthew Broderick and Paul Giamatti. It's surprising that this didn't come sooner. While Payne's I want to be a little person story still sounds a touch more tantalizing, it's hard to resist the idea of George getting into the mind that brought us Election and Sideways. But the real magic will depend on who gets cast alongside him...

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