For years, I've been reading stories about Stephen King proclaiming that he's retiring. These are invariably followed by a story trumpeting his latest project. King, in his quasi-retirement state, writes more than most of us do as full time scribblers. Say what you will about the quality of his body of work (I still believe King's writing can be divided into two distinct eras--Early King, which comprises the books he wrote up to and including It--and Later King, which is everything after. Early King is the best by far...) but it's amazing that he's stayed as prolific as he has, particularly in the wake of his near fatal author-vs-vehicle encounter.

I don't know that the release of a new King novel is quite the event it used to be, but the horror community still takes note of it. To celebrate the arrival of his latest novel, Under the Dome(which hits shelves on November 10th and weighs in at a massive 1,088 pages), Entertainment Weekly has posted a video of the master himself reading an excerpt from his newest tale of terror. Dread Central shared it with the masses recently, but we've got you covered in case you missed it.

Dread Central has also alerted us (thanks to the folks at King super-site Lilja's Library) that the author's short story "Premium Harmony" can be read in its entirety online (and for free!) over at The New Yorker. That's a lot of King for one week, but I'm a firm believer that too much of a good thing is better than too little.

Click the handy "read more" button to jump to the video of King reading from Under the Dome.
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