Feeling a little down in the dumps now that Halloween is over and your horror and sugar high has worn off? Don't despair, because Joe Lynch has a new installment of his Body Countsegment on G4's Attack of the Show(it's the best thing on there this side of Olivia Munn...) guaranteed to keep the Halloween spirit alive and kicking for at least another day.

Lynch (whose other credits include directing Wrong Turn 2) is back with a new spot highlighting some of the great horror flicks available on DVD. Titles covered in this installment include Night of the Creeps(thrill me!), Takashi Miike's Audition, and the highly anticipated DVD debut of the uncut version of Richard Stanley's Hardware. Those hoping to hear Lynch's thoughts on the newest Twilight trailer would be advised to look elsewhere...

Skip past the jump to check out the new installment of Body Count in all its gory glory.
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