Because we need even more distractions while we drive, those brilliant minds over at MIT are trying to develop a robot that keeps drivers company by communicating with them through the dashboard. The thought behind this is that the robot would help assist drivers by reading maps and helping with routine navigation, however they also want it to be, like, your best friend, too ... or something.

From PopSci: "As such, AIDA is being developed to read drivers' moods via their facial expressions and other cues (hand gestures?) and respond to them in the proper social context. It communicates back in very human ways as well: with a smile, the blink of an eye, the drooping of its head. AIDA analyzes the driver's mobility patterns, common routes and destinations, and driving habits. It then merges its knowledge of the driver with its knowledge of the city around it, mashing up the drivers priorities and needs with real-time information on everything from tourist attractions to environmental conditions to commercial activity to help the driver make better decisions."

Have MIT call me when they have a solution for the jackass who just cut me off from the left lane doing 90. Or does their robot also come equipped with weapons? Hmmm ...

[via Geekologie]
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