Back when Star Trekfirst hit theaters in May, folks immediately thought that actress-model Diora Baird was the women featured in the Kirk/Orion Slave Girl scene because it was revealed earlier that Baird was playing an Orion Slave Girl. However, it turned out that wasn't Baird sprawled across the bed in a seductive (for people who like green) bikini, but instead was Rachel Nichols. So where was Baird then?

Turned out her scene was chopped from the finished film -- but now, thanks to the power of deleted scenes, we get to finally see the missing Diora Baird Orion Slave Girl scene ... and, well, we can see why they cut it out. Essentially it's a throwaway scene where Kirk approaches Baird thinking she's the Orion Slave Girl that he screwed over the other night. Problem is, she's not. Don't you hate how those Orion Slave Girls all look the same.

Note: We've removed the video at the request of Paramount. Sorry about that, folks, didn't realize it was a leak. The DVD hits on November 17th. Until then ...
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