Like many of you, I was enamored by Heroes at first. I wanted to know how they'd save the cheerleader, and if that would -- in fact -- save the world. I was dying to see the sweet Hiro turn into the badass fighter. Most of all -- I wanted to see Peter and Sylar face off with their insane melange of stolen power where they didn't jump behind a door to save on special effects costs. All this anticipation and fandom was given the rudest of gifts -- a season ender that was blander than a glass of lukewarm water.

And from there it just got worse -- only one or two episodes here or there ever tapping into the promise the premise originally laid out. This season, I finally gave up, just as we learned that someone would die. I was mildly intrigued, but that was only existing in the slivers of me that still held hope that the Heroes powers-that-be knew what "shocking" meant. That they knew how to pay off rampant expectation.

Instead .... Well, hit the jump to learn about the ridiculously unsurprising death. Sure, it's a spoiler, but only in the ironic and bland fashion Heroes could pull off.
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