Another classic cartoon is getting ready for the feature treatment. This time, it's your friendly neighborhood bears. USA Today reports that Shawn Levy (director of the Night at the Museum flicks) is gearing up to produce The Berenstain Bears into a feature comedy with Walden Media. This cartoon family has been around since 1962, and have had a handful of television specials, a series in the mid-80s, and another in 2003.

But, like anything Hollywood, the family is getting updated. They won't just live in Bear Country this time around. Levy is planning a mix of live action and computer animation where "the comedy comes from this bear family coexisting in a more recognizably real world." That means updates on mom's polka dots, dad's overalls, and, presumably, interaction with humans. The plan is to incorporate details from popular books in the series, and Walden Media CEO Michael Bostick compares the clan to "outcast" families like The Beverly Hillbillies and The Addams Family.

While many redos get under my skin, I'd love a new addition to the Berenstain legacy -- but like this? When did they become outcasts? They're a friggin' metaphor for human, everyday families. The whole point of the series was to mimick everyday lives and share familial lessons. The Messy Room is the reason I'm always organizing things. I read about their Visit to the Dentist when it was time to have the teeth looked at, or get healthy when there was Too Much Junk Food, rethink lying with The Truth, or reel back on the boob tube when there was Too Much TV. And in between these lessons, I memorized The Spooky Old Tree and would recite it to myself every night before bed. (check it out after the jump)

It says a whole lot of childhood lessons and morals are considered "outcast" fare...
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