I don't think there's anything Christopher Walken can't do. He can make gold records, hide watches up his arse, dance like a prince, play Russian roulette, find missing people, live underground for decades, and make just about everything sound cool. He's no one-hit wonder.

And now he's also proved that he can out-Poker Face Lady Gaga. Yes, the latest YouTube video to make the rounds (embedded after the jump) finds the actor guesting on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross -- a program from BBC One. Instead of adding more cowbell to the music scene, he calmly sits in his chair and reads lyrics to Gaga's song. In. The way. Walken. Would. Say it.

You might just be able to manage getting through the first part unscathed, but when he starts making "Oh!" sound effects, well, it's comedy gold and I don't see how you could maintain your own poker face. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin might be the Oscar hosts, but I stand by my wish of seeing Walken on that shining stage. He proves, over and over again, that his delivery makes just about everything a-mazing.

And just in case you haven't gotten Gaga enough, you can check out the Lady's version here, and Cartman's version here. Watch Walken do his thing after the jump.