Seems like every other person I know is sick these days, and I'm no exception. I spent the Halloween weekend sweaty, sneezy, and shivery. No parties, no appetite, and no end of misery as the Yankees took two World Series games here in Philadelphia. (But, as of this writing, the Series isn't over yet!) And since I'm the type of guy who likes to lock the doors and hibernate near my TV (and computer) when I don't feel good, I needed something ... long to watch. Not even something along the lines of the Lord of the Rings extended trilogy would fit the bill -- and so I looked to some TV entertainment to keep me company.

Fortunately I noticed that Netflix's "watch instantly" department was offering the first four seasons of LOST, and that seemed like a pretty solid fit. I'd already seen the first season during its original broadcast run, and while I didn't dislike the series, I felt that it fell prey to that oldest of "serialized" problems: Basically, that everything I was watching was a loooooong trip through Act II. In other words, the show was piling up more vague questions than satisfying answers, and I (often) got the impression that the writers were spinning their wheels in between the juicier plot points ... which, in my opinion, were fairly few and far between.
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