"Don't Panic" is a common, every day phrase; a calming gesture to hear when things get a little too out of the norm. That was, however, before Douglas Adams took a hold of those two words. Now, thanks to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, those two words are synonymous with intergalactic adventure, encounters with bizarre alien races, and an unhealthy obsession with keeping track of towels.

Any person who is been a longtime fan of Adams stellar masterwork about a humble Earthling named Arthur Dent who zips around the universe with his best friend, an alien named Ford Prefect, has likely read Don't Panic: Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at some point. The book, originally written as a solo project by Neil Gaiman (yep, thatNeil Gaiman!), was first published in 1988, ten years after its subject was first introduced to the world, and chronicled the quite distinctive birth of Adams' career, and more specifically, the huge success of his greatest work. But Hitchhiker's success didn't stop in the '80s. Adams' baby kept growing and growing, and thus a second edition of the book was published in 1993, this time with updated information covering the latest and greatest in Hitchhiker's lore.
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