Now that we're a few months into the television season, it's time for the scrutinizing eyes to fall upon the new shows and see what networks are basking in success or drowning in failure. MSNBC has scoured the mass of new shows out there, and while most was the normal cops and familial drama, there was a little breath left over for the realms of science fiction.

On top of the heap is ABC's Flash Forward: "It is among the most popular programs taped on digital video recorders or watched by viewers online -- strong signs that it has an audience willing to go out of its way to keep up with the drama." In case you're not one of the masses of people following the series, it delves into a world where everyone across the globe blacks out and sees glimpses of their lives 6 months in the future. When everyone wakes up, an FBI Agent (Joseph Fiennes) and his team begin collecting people's flash forwards to collect a database of the future.

But times don't seem to be looking up for the more witchy realms of science. Eastwick is slated as "one of the year's most prominent losers." Media Week analyst Mark Berman says "I didn't really understand why they would remake a movie that was 22 years old." Well, that's the name of the Hollywood game, but I still can't help wishing it'd last to get more devilish Paul Gross. That man needs more prime time fare.
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